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  "Hope is the pillar that holds up the world." - Pliny the Elder

Wednesday, July 24, 2024  


Our online forum is up and running. Please use the link to the right.


The discussion forum has been closed, but the members have been preserved here.

Member Email Homepage Country Occupation Age
A.Cloustonjoemicroscope at yahoo dot com  New Zealand     
Adminyourmail at server dot com      
afwife98affamily98 at hotmail dot com        
Aidancollina at nortelnetworks dot com  Ireland   46 
alicelucilebuglisaidawson at prodigy dot net  USA Software Test Engineer 45 
Amyamyhall at bungyfest dot fsnet dot co dot uk  United Kingdom IT Sales 24 
athedanesaljane17 at hotmail dot com  Australia student 21 
BrianBjakebiuesx at aol dot com  USA Student 36 
carlos.larradcarlos dot larrad at mapfre dot com  Spain Engineer 34 
CarmenDRcarmen_deorador at hotmail dot com  Spain Student 24 
carolcjdrake91 at tds dot net  USA student 38 
carolynchunter at frontier dot net        
cazzcazz031 at yahoo dot co dot uk        
cindycindybogart at hotmail dot com  USA bookkeeper 43 
CLIVEcf at cwa dot co dot uk  United Kingdom GRAPHIC DESIGNER 49 
connettecdconnettecd at yahoo dot com        
cricketbpleau at myeweb dot com        
cwittscwitts at tpg dot com dot au  Australia     
darknessraquelsurf at yahoo dot com  Spain Student 23 
David Jeffrey SpetchBeyond_ultimate at hotmail dot com        
debndolliedebndollie at yahoo dot com  USA Housekeeping Supervisor 36 
dibed dot bense at dokom dot net  Germany   40 
Donnadjm57 at austin dot rr dot com  USA administrative 43 
eufaulanmetammee64 at hotmail dot com  USA     
exodusapb91781_cos at yahoo dot com        
eyelashroxpeep at yahoo dot es  Spain secretary 37 
Fipolly at cnn dot net dot au        
guccibernasenel at hotmail dot com  United Kingdom writer 29 
guryaas_if at kar dot com  Pakistan null 15 
hoberleitnerhoberleitner at hotmail dot com        
Hopealpalay at wanadoo dot es  Spain Administrative 33 
hopechestpaulagray at thehairagency dot com dot au Australia business owner 34 
imagineshannoncrook at hotmail dot com        
Japanese_TVjapanese_tv_survey at yahoo dot com        
jazz4youjazz4you at yahoo dot com        
jess0516jqualls at heritagenet dot org        
jfpqwdsad at sads dot com        
jhammondlhammond at one dot net  USA     
jjbjbarbknecht at hotmail dot com        
JohnHallerworldtrade at johnhaller dot com USA Web Designer 27 
Joycejoyce at sept11MarriottSurvivors dot org        
julsjulie at netvision dot net dot il  Israel     
Kimberlysparklefaery at earthlink dot net  USA banking 23 
Kitiara17Kitiara17 at hotmail dot com  United Kingdom     
kiwi_new zealandmeshal at watchdog dot net dot nz New Zealand   29 
kkkumpf at lionbioscience dot com        
Larry BLBumgarner at carolina dot rr dot com        
leticialetislns at worldnet dot att dot net  USA janitorial 31 
linuxpenguinelinuxpenguine at yahoo dot com        
luisarlittlenathan5 at hotmail dot com  Australia teacher 33 
Maria7schwartz7 at gmx dot de Germany Student 24 
marietucomarietuco at hotmail dot com  Spain Studient 17 
Meanajaimielhornung at hotmail dot com        
Megmegrussell14 at hotmail dot com      24 
michaelKmicha_gulja at gmx dot de  Germany     
Michelle_UKmichelle_m_eaton at hotmail dot com        
mindy_1972mindy_1972 at yahoo dot com        
Ness from New ZealandCameronfamily at mail dot com        
NicholeButterfly13531 at aol dot com  USA cild care provider   
nicole24nicole dot w2 at freenet dot de  Germany clerk 24 
Ninangrimm at gat dot de    employee 29 
nvigernviger at prodidy dot net        
Open Eyesrelief28555 at yahoo dot com  USA Disaster Relief 58 
OpieK58OpieK58 at aol dot com  USA   43 
paulapaulabrady at hotmail dot com  Ireland housewife 30 
pauwpauw at houston dot rr dot com        
Pedroamaria at mixmail dot com        
Pooperinawww dot Pooperina at msn dot com  USA manager 32 
popopeppepopopeppe at libero dot it        
rmc1996rmc1996 at msn dot com  USA Telecommunications 60 
robby2001robbyclew2001 at excite dot com        
RobertSteinRob at Tischfussball dot de Germany   26 
rose20xrosedavison at hotmail dot com  United Kingdom student 20 
sandrasandra at hb dot lu dot se        
Sean TeasleyBuddasean at msn dot com  USA Motor Coach Operator 34 
Sherri1sdover at prodigy dot net  USA   35 
sirtobyolaf dot nolden at epost dot de Germany   32 
sonnenstrahlpatrick dot sonnenstrahl at ingram-macrotron dot de        
ssksebik at s-direktnet dot de       
StrongMan1paypaulie at yahoo dot com USA     
svdbygrclibertystands2001 at yahoo dot com USA Writer 27 
T.T.L.WT dot T dot L dot W at hotmail dot com  Iceland Toy Manufacturer 44 
TNLNYCworldtradeaftermath at tnl dot net       
tommytommychivilo at hotmail dot com Italy   28 
tspazumptspazump at yahoo dot com  USA rn 34 
valleivallei73 at hotmail dot com        
Vdoggcollin36 at yahoo dot com        
XOXOMYSTICALXOXOMYSTICAL at hotmail dot com       
Youthtronixxcrazyone420x at hotmail dot com        
zapp04zapp04 at lycos dot com        

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