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Thursday, April 18, 2024  


Companies A to Z

Emergency / Hospital

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'J' Companies

Here is a list of companies and contact information. If you know of any contact information or companies that we have missed, please contact me

Please read the Disclaimer / Information Sources page.

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Company Business Services Building Floor
J & X Tans International Transportation 1 WTC (North) 46
Status: Unable to locate any information on this company.
James T. Ratner, Law Office of Law Firms 2 WTC (South) 15
Phone: 845-679-0232
Status: This firm appears to be a solo practitioner and may be ok as a new phone number is posted on his website. Contact the number above to confirm this.
John J. McMullen Associates, Inc. Engineers/Architects 2 WTC (South) 15
David F. McMullen, VP of Marketing: 843-342-5922 or
Status: All of this firm's employees from the WTC are safe.
John W. Loofbourrow Associates, Inc. Financial Institutions 2 WTC (South) 15
Status: All employees are confirmed safe.
Johnston & Murphy - 2 WTC (South) CNCR
Contact is possible via this company's website
Status: Unknown
JP Morgan Chase & Co. Financial Institutions 5 WTC 1
Status: Of the company's 3 to 4000 people employeed in the area, all but 2 have been accounted for.
Julien J. Studley, Inc. Real Estate 1 WTC (North) 86
Phone: 877-927-8853 or 212-326-1000
Status: Of the 12 employees at the downtown office, 2 are missing. One employee from the firm's midtown office is also missing. More information is available on the firm's website.
Jun He Law Office, LLC Law Firms 1 WTC (North) 77
Beijing Office: 86-10-8519-1300
Dr. Xiaolin Zhou: 973-428-4748
Adam Li: 201-653-3555
John Du: 212-896-3899
Status: Received a press release through a third party stating that all staff was ok and containing the above contact information. It is suggested you contact the individual you are attempting to reach to be sure.

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