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Wednesday, July 24, 2024  


Companies A to Z

Emergency / Hospital

Emergency Serv.

Fire / Police

Fire Dept
Police Dept


American Airlines
United Airlines


Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Employees

'F' Companies

Here is a list of companies and contact information. If you know of any contact information or companies that we have missed, please contact me

Please read the Disclaimer / Information Sources page.

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Company Business Services Building Floor
Federal Home Loan Bank Financial Institutions 7 WTC 22
Phone: 212-294-1800
Status: Unknown
FedEx Corporation Transportation 5 WTC 1
Status: Unknown
Fertitta Enterprises - 1 WTC (North) 45
Status: Unknown
Fiduciary Trust Company International Financial Institutions 2 WTC (South) 90,94-97
Employees (Voicemail Update): 800-632-2350 ext. 27574
Friends & Family of Employees: 800-632-2350 ext. 22578
Clients (Voicemail Update): 800-632-2350 ext. 21200
Status: The vast majority of employees are confirmed safe, but a number are still unaccounted for as of Sept 14th.
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company Insurance 1 Liberty Plaza 21
California Office: 800-227-1700
Status: All employees are reported safe.
Firemans' Fund Insurance Co. Insurance 2 WTC (South) 48
Status: Unknown
First Commercial Bank Financial Institutions 2 WTC (South) 78
Possible Email:
Possible Phone (Taiwan): 3619611e562
Status: This appears to be the US branch of a Taiwan-based bank. The email and phone number listed above are from the domain name's registration information.
First Equity Enterprises Financial Services 2 WTC (South) 15
Old Phone: 212-775-9255
Status: This firm appears to have disappeared with about $100 million following the attacks.
First Liberty Investment Group Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 79
Status: Website no longer valid. No further information.
First State Management Group, Inc Insurance 7 WTC 21
Status: Unknown
Flemming Zulack & Williamson Law Firms 1 Liberty Plaza 35
Status: Unknown
FolksAmerica Reinsurance Insurance 1 Liberty Plaza 19,29
Status: Unknown
Forsythe & Lincoln Associates - 1 Liberty Plaza unknown
Status: Unknown
Fred Alger Management Investments 1 WTC (North) 93
Phone: 201-547-3650
Status: 38 of the 55 employees at the WTC remaind unaccounted for as of Sept 12th.
Frenkel & Company, Inc. Insurance 2 WTC (South) 35,36
Phone: 800-221-4296
Status: All employees have been accounted for and are alive.
Friends Ivory & Sime, Inc. Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 21
Website may be wrong.
Status: Unknown
Friends Villas Fischer Trust Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 21
Status: Unknown
Fuji Bank Financial Institutions 2 WTC (South) 79-82
Phone: 888-537-3854
New address: Fuji Bank NJ Data Center
95 Christopher Columbus Drive
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Status: Unknown

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