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Friday, June 21, 2024  


Companies A to Z

Emergency / Hospital

Emergency Serv.

Fire / Police

Fire Dept
Police Dept


American Airlines
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Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Employees

'O' Companies

Here is a list of companies and contact information. If you know of any contact information or companies that we have missed, please contact me

Please read the Disclaimer / Information Sources page.

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Company Business Services Building Floor
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ltd. Financial Institutions 1 Liberty Plaza 47
Status: Unknown
Ohrenstein & Brown, LLP Attorneys 1 WTC (North) 83
Garden City Office: 516-873-6334
Status: Two colleagues remain missing as of October 16th.
Okasan International (American) Inc. Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 52
Status: Unknown
Okato Shoji Company, Ltd. Computers/Data Processing 1 WTC (North) 79
Status: Unknown
Olympia Airport Express - 1 WTC (North) LBBY
Status: Unknown
Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. Financial Institutions 2 WTC (South) 31,32
Status: Unknown
Orient International - 2 WTC (South) 15
Status: Unknown
Our Planet Mgmt. Institute, Ltd. Personal Services 5 WTC 9
Status: Unknown
Overseas Union Bank, Ltd. Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 39
Status: Unknown
Overseas-Chinese Banking Corp. Financial Institutions 4 WTC 7
Status: Unknown

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