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Monday, May 20, 2024  


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Forum: Searching For People (World Trade)

The discussion forum has been closed, but the topics have been preserved here.

Author Topic
Joyce Posted: 2003-09-04 | Subject: Website for Marriott WTC Survivors
Please visit this site. This website aims to bring together all the people who survived from 3 World Trade Center (Marriott Hotel)

Dedicated to the survivors of 3 World Trade Center
XOXOMYSTICAL Posted: 2002-09-12 | Subject: United States In Unity
Please post on my webpage.

Together We Can Survive.
David Jeffrey Spetch Posted: 2002-07-25 | Subject: World Peace: The Solution!

Yes as an individual the poor child gained too much control over others as he had all advantages to take advantage, and gained respect through fear (much like governments of the world only shows the extreme of the reality) rather than return respect to his fellow countrymen, he puts them in jeopardy in fear of their lives beyond their laws being relevant to the point of matter "out of control" where as over time even where he came from or anywhere on the globe for that matter ~ if been given too all citizens of any country the mandatory education of the ways they be expected to live (governings of the land), they will only then have the chance to respect one another each and every individual knowing the way it is and without even having to put a foot down there would only then be no room for manipulation knowing all others are fully aware and no longer to be taken advantage of thus ending such bi products creating threats of lives to the extreme one day I now work to prevent it being the life on this planet. There are those who have committed suicide in this age of manipulation and if one decides because the child has the power, to take the world with them then no one else gets a say, too late, why because were not sharing whats vital to humanity at this point, the time has come for the next stage in evolution for the vitality of life on earth let alone a chance to love thy neighbour or not have to worry to keep looking over your shoulder for some crazed deprived raging maniac or some dangerously greedy manipulative thug.. either or how about getting exploded with thousands of others and not even knowing it was coming. We are not just divided from our governments, we are divided from one another in this age of manipulation.

Remember it all begins through the eyes of a child and what that child sees to grow to the adult (child) they become and afflict having grown up with no use for laws due to not feeling the desire to have respect all deserve by not being taken advantage of??? Or grow up knowing the age of understanding for all "ALL" to share Mandatory education of governing ways is in the making and theres no room left for manipulation unless somebody gets left out.

Country to country. Would you not trust another country that shares their governings with their citizens through mandatorily educating them of the laws of lands upon which they live to end trouble before it starts they choose to understand becoming more genuine with laws and governings learning to trust and be happy to pay governments for sincerity to the land, I would and I don't see any being deprived a fare shake to even so much to think to cheat their own government under such genuine circumstances. Ahh thats one genuine country rather than not trusting one another let alone another country thanks to manipulation. Who will be the first to heal society on earth. It begins with a key, that is me and I hope the world turns what I'm telling you to open the door to the age of understanding. I hope we all join banding together as a globe ending all physical wars with the ONLY war that truly exists, the war of the mind. The war to end all wars from an individual throughout international levels simply by sharing the ways we are expected to live.

Lets put and end to deprivation and selfishness in this age of manipulation. Lets welcome the new age of understanding. = world peace stop such deprivations that create chaos too feed an industry when the poor souls in control all over the world have no clue of what it is thats really happening.

This man is just as much victim as all his victims, difference is, he's only ONE INDIVIDUAL compared to the many who died of his hand. This poor child is one like the one given the age of manipulation to end the world. I'll not let our children who don't stand a chance otherwise go down without me reaching through the ignorance into the strength and willpower to believe in thy selves and thy neighbours my brothers and sisters of the globe awaken to the truth.

Mandatory education of governing ways, they ways we are expected to live. For if not then we don't know and will continue causing whats wrong with society today.

~David Spetch
ps. Be good!

Osama was born into this world as innocent as us all. What government is better than he?


Without the people's support there is no governing! Yet we the citizens of the world are being blinded by masquarade and taken for granted by being expected to live by, pay for and respect our governing ways but none of us get a manditory education of these ways. Why? It's really simple, the less we know of them, the more we are going to pay = fact and in multiple ways when our society could be relieved of many burdons of today by simply being given the manditory education of the ways we are expected to live! We get laughed at and spit on daily because we lack the knowledge until we learn the hard way by paying the price! Do you love your friends, family and fellow Countrymen / Earthlings?

How is it justified that we are all to be questioned by our governments and yet they who are supposently the ones to set an example don't manditorily educate us citizens of the ways we are expected to live? I'ts greed at our expense, Like little whiney tantrum throwing children running our countries for thier own selfish desire to be above everyone else. There are many ways of making money but for the government of our own to be so rude to make cash from "keeping the corrupt" and masqarading it as keeping peace, how is it keeping peace by not sharing the knowledge that we are expected to obide by? It only creates corruption at our expense by keeping us in the dark and I feel beyond shadow of doubt they must know this but do nothing! I'd sure like to hear some justification from any of them but I doubt they will until forced because they know beyond shadow of doubt I am rite people!

Dave Spetch
ps. Be good, Be strong!

I really hope my fellow Earthlings wake up before it's thier families friends or themselves more than noticably affected (for most too late, Do you want this to happen in the future of your beloved) from this in many different ways as we all are daily! Invest in our future by caring not by greed!


I will not stop until we are all manditorily educated of our governing ways so citizens will stop being treated as retards who's purpose is to cater to the greed of the industry of our governing as is simply being they are in a class of thier own until we are all manditorily educated of our governing ways. Hmm an industry that feeds off of keeping it's citizens corrupted by treating us like dummies rather than educating us of the ways we are expected to live and have people brainwashed in thier corner. We all to say the least deserve the respect of recieving the education of the ways we are expected to live, pay for and respect in a mandatory fashion
By the way, what do you stand for? ~ greedy little selfish beedy eyes across the globe. I do pitty the fool who thinks they'l change the way I do things, I am not immoral and am doing something to better our future as a globe, not the selfish greed of the people running the ways of our planet!

~David Spetch
ps. Be good, Be strong!


What these degenerative thinkers ruling our system don't realise is that thier children and childrens children etc. will eventually suffer the consiquences with the rest of us. So what else is the basis of this corruption of "our?" system keeping us from being manditorily educated of "our?" governing ways besides blinding greed and selfishness. If ya think you have an alternate answer, go ahead, bring it on! Things happen to citizens every day that simply wouldn't occur if we were manditorily educated of our governing ways, go ahead, tell me I'm wrong, can ya do it? I doubt it very much! Wake up and realise this is just a fraction that when finally we are manditorily educated will benefit us from an induvidual to international level World!
What do we have to lose besides a missleading greedy little industry?

David Spetch
ps. Be good, Be strong!

What you don't know won't hurt you? Thats quite the load of jibberish hands down, bottom line!


Common awareness putting the pinch on governing nonsense! And the gov't will genuinely know (when we are finally manditorily educated of our governing ways) all citizens "are aware" of thier options of governing. how much do ya think they would feel they could get away with then? = less corruption from primary source afflicting our countries!
Do you yet see this as part of the selfish industry does exist feeding off citizens being unaware of what our governments are up too until it's too late thus time for any or all of us pay the price time and time again = Reality

Dave Spetch
ps. Be good, be strong!

Do you see yet that to the industry, it doesn't matter what you don't know cause the less ya know, the more our governings industry will feed off your mysery = creating most of our corruption!

Will easily be put to an end when all citizens are finally manditorily educated of our governing ways kidnergarden throughout highschool! Think, less money being payed out to have wool being pulled over our eyes (sickning) meaning less taxes being payed for made up excuses/occupations that are not needed and often proven a failure.
Less preparation for more corruption and more concentration at bettering our understandings from a young age = reduction of corruption and genuine leaders that know thier country backs them up from what they know not munipulated into believing = greater trust factor = better understanding and greater respect = less corruption. I wonder, "any" respect they do get is because it's forced apon us? "
Not manditorily educating us yet expecting us to live by these ways/know all, being we must pay for it in multiple ways is proof the industry feeds off it's citizens not knowing the governings we are expected to live by but yet have to pay for even if unaware until too late (I for one will see to it this be put to an end with every fibre of my being relentlessly) Adds up to feed the greedy little industry that will ruin generations to come or put our foot down and stop this nonsense A.S.A.P

Think, what else do we have to lose other than this selfish little industry that feeds off not doing anything to reduce corruption but better prepare for more and more while it assures more and more is created by keeping us unaware as much as we let them get away with? Anomosity towards our governing ways?

What do we have to gain, a genuine educational system, less corruption from induvidual to international level. Genuine laws that work to reduce problems/ corruption, not create more to feed the bloodsucking industry rubs our faces through the dirt blindingly day after day!


Here on Earth we have weed and lots of it! It's as much a part of this planet as you or I. It's not degenerative such as cocaine and heroin and it's unfortunately not yet fully legalised. Our bodies make THC naturally called endorphands.
Think drinking is legal, yet it does create corruption (Feeds law industry). However weed is not (in most parts of the globe) legal and yet it mellows people out from being corruptive!(Feeds law industry because it's not legal)
Wonder no more why we are expected to pay for, live by and respect our governing ways and yet we are not manditorily educated of them.
Is so our governments can feed off the corruption it helps to create by blinding sociey into believing there be a need to prepare for corruption that wouldn't exist any where near what it is today if we all were manditorily educated of our governing ways. They know we would no longer tolerate nonsense created to create corruption and feed an industry that will no longer exist as it never should have begun except for lessons to be learned in how to deal with greed by yours truly (The message)!

~David Spetch
ps. Be good, be strong!

(If they genuinely wanted to help the globe thrive with a greater international morality/ prosperity with a fraction of corruption there is today, they would make Weed legal and use the money made to help those with a seriously degenerative drug addiction (cocaine~crack/ heroin~Exctasy)and manditorily educate all people of the globe of our governing ways to reduce corruption rather than keep things corrupt so thier industry can feed off the misery of thier citizens it tenaciously helps to create!
Is one sick "blinding" circle and if we are to progress as a globe (whole) in a posotive way then don't you (Citizens) believe they should set example that they expect us to follow without setting the example, and actually earn respect of the people? Not force it apon us obviously creates misery = corruption = More feed for thier sickly devised industries = proof rite there! (like we have a choice unless we band together world wide!)Instead they'd factually would rather keep making a huge issue of something so petty so they can have (too many officials than needed cause they create the need themselves at our expense) thier vacation pay covered at the expense of thier citizens walking into walls on a daily basis.
I'd almost swear Governments are selfish tantrum throwing children that don't care to genuinely help society but keep it corrupt so thier selfish induvidual (click) needs are taken care of by this so called justification to feed an industry that feeds itself by preparing for more corruption it helps to create and at our expense as citizens being expected to respect, live by and pay for these ways wthout the manditory education of our governing ways and is obviously for all the wrong reasons! Are we really this that stupid to let this continue People of Earth? I'm confident to say I know we are not as I dedicate much of my time to get through to you!


Manditory education of our governing ways = Getting rid of all the fluff in our governing ways. For if we all were given the understanding of them, we would have more influence to change them genuinely for the better of our Nations around the globe! Have a lesser need for governing fabrications and focus on industry bettering our lives cause we will have the money when not being wasted on lies :) Less focus on the nonsense in life and more focus on succes our own lives, as a whole!

Dave Spetch
ps. be good, be strong!

(More room for getting somewhere together as a world and less time for arguing over crap being put over our heads and getting nowhere fast except for accumulation of negative energies that feed the industry of our governing ways as well and put citizens lives at ruin!


Think about it people, you seem to all have an idea but who's misguided and who's rite "out of all" of everyone? And yet to help us better understand how the society works we live in and pay for by being manditorily educated of our governing ways is not yet there and is causing problems in the form of an industry! See it, believe it! How much more deadly can you get than that? ~ Our very own governments.

Dave Spetch
ps. Be good, be strong!


Think, kids amongst themselves in a school yard can manipulate each other into beleiving things as the way they are that are not relivent to the way it is and rite from kindergarten kids lives are corrupted because they don't have the facts. What about Parents or adults that don't respect themselves and the children that around them to take advantage of them by beating them or mollesting them and giving them a story that keeps that child quiot because they don't know the facts, they don't know any better and all this feeds our sick little industry of our governing ways.

We are all bi products of this age of manipulation, it's a sick cycle needs be broken for the future of all our bloodlines to exist depend on us now is the time. Wake up, enough of being brainwashed by this crap that starts at the big smile of greed. I will see to it that smile gets smacked off the face of the Earth for good. I'm going to be relentlessly awakening you all ya hear me now as you will continue until the age of understanding is apon us. If I die I'm sure you will now hear it from others.

Let me ask you ~ Whats wrong with society today? I just gave you the answer.

David Jeffrey Spetch ~ World peace technician, Engineer, Specialist and proud graduate of the University of Earth aswell Proud to be Earthling as I'm more than confident we all will be one day soon welcoming our future generations into the age of understanding and world peace so they are not wasting time through the great divide fighting amongst themselves to feed the greed that exists in this age of manipulation soon to come to an end so they can progress together.

Ps. Be good, Be strong

These government leaders have built a wall of people working for them and even have them blinded as to the purpose they fabricate themselves to represent (help for the public my ass) a wall of lawyers, police, judges poloticians etc. that keep us caught up in a crock of bull so we have a hard time focusing on seeing the truth.
Why, well think, who runs our government, one hell of a fairly intelligent greedy manipulative force with one hell of an army who too is brainwashed into thinking their are doing something they are not. What is being accomplished is the exact opposite, "The Great Divide" Ya see, this greed knows that if you mandatorily educate everyone of the ways they are expected to live by and pay for, for the rest of our lives then there would bve no room for excuse, no room for manipulation that if continues will put all of us in danger. This greed kills and has people brainwashed so bad it strengthens me all the more to Throw this age of manipulation in the trash where it belongs ~ releasing us from the great divide of brainwashing/Taking advantage of those who know not the ways of the land/being deprived simply by not being aware and being taken advantage of = recipe for hatred corruption cheos world wars from induvidual throughout international levels that divides us not only from our governments, but from one another just to create revenue for this sick industry well enough is enough! I'm comming for ya to awaken you all to the truth and together were going to kick the ass of greed through this age of manipulation to the feet of the newly birthed age of understanding. How? By mandatorily educating "ALL" of our governing ways kindergarten throught highschool Barr none!


I wonder for example what Poor old Ben Franklynn went through if he told people he was going to harness lightning and contain electricity. How many must have laughed at proposterous suggestion of idea for the invention of a lightbulb before it came to light.
Kind of like the invention of anything. It took the vision of one and the will to share with all and the obstacles to overcome through dedication. Mandatory education of governing ways to bring forth the Age of Understanding = World Peace!
Mike Bullard and Gang, you guys rock, I love you all and I'm taking the world to higher ground despite any manipulation or skeptisism. Lets rock!

David Jeffrey Spetch ~ World Peace Technician, Engineer, Specialist and proud graduate of the University of Earth aswell proud to be Earthling as I'm confident one day we all will soon.

Ps. Be good, Be strong. You all have my love and my strength on your side bringing forth the age of understanding.


Lets see, now we are getting alot of flack lately about our hydro but to top it all off it appears Hydroponic pot growers tap into our hydro lines sucking power for free while the rest of citizens get increases in cost to make up for it and not only that, we pay an arm and a leg for the pot these people grow???
Yes this is a fire hazard.


Legalize marajuana, use the money to help people with degenerative drug addictions such as cocaine heroin etc. Not only in a few years will this cut the heavy drug market down to nothing by having the money to help those who now willingly buy it (Or prostitute themselves, steal or whatever they feel they have to do that also feeds the industry) but it will ease the unneccesary stress created by keeping it illegal for the millions of citizens who enjoy it. We all pay taxes too ya know.

Yeah now your probably wondering how legallizing marajuana will put a stop to these hydro tapping fire hazard pot growers.

Well when you legallize it you cut the price to about 50 bucks an ounce and watch how many of these pot growers go out of business because it will no longer be worth it to them to grow because with the government selling it at such a reasonable price there will be no incentive for these people to keep growing thus decreasing the amount of fire hazards in our very own neighbourhoods and hydro increases.

Yes our body makes THC naturally (endorphands) and is the THC in higher concentrations by smoking / eating that gives you the buzz you get ~ Yes it is already manufactured in our bodies but our government forbid us to consume it through weed ~ Why?

It is so clear it gives them revenue and still have people generally brainwashed enough to gloat about a weed bust (pathetic). Yeah legalize it and you cut down on the level of corruption that feeds the industry. No more making yourselves look like heroes busting someone for weed and making them spend years in court so our legal system can remand them long enough to keep the courts full. Thats their job on the line of course they want to work steady no matter what any of us citizens must endure through their manipulative crap. They didn't care for the truth when they delt with me and expect we must be honest with them or face punishement of course they want to corrupt you to keep you coming back.

What is a remand? It's an excuse for the courts to keep eveyone working within it's system without being laid off no matter the stress it creates, likely that stress will result in more vacation pay hikes for them.

Of course you want to put a stop to all the nonsense for the future of our children then you will wake up and push for mandatory education of governing ways to reduce unawareness that feeds this industry starting from a young influencial age. Sure kids are growing up with who knows what for role models and who knows what they see and by not knowing the facts (mandatory education of our governing ways) of the way it is get so easily manipulated into thinking things like punching someone out, steeling, gangs, crack, exxtasy are all the coolest thing and I get the feeling our government loves that Idea ~ more revenue!

David Jeffrey Spetch ~ World peace technician/ Specialist/ Engineer and proud graduate of the University of Earth as well proud to be Earthling as I'm confident soon we all will.

Ps. Be good, Be strong

Mandatory education of governing ways also so our very own governments can also no longer treat us like the fools and take advantage of us as they do today. We will all have the facts, no room for manipulation, deprivation soon to become a thing of the past and will put a stop to wars from induvidual throughout international levels.

Oh yeah, all the busts in the world will not stop this hydro tapping thing, just creates revenue, prolongs the agony of society to keep a masked industry in business all the while brainwashing you into beleiving they are here for you. If they really want to put a stop to this danger of fire hazards in our neighbourhoods and our hikes in hydro costs they will take the solution I present into consideration and put it to use, unless of course they really don't care about the citizens safety but just want your money.

Think all the trouble alchohol creates in society = revnue legalized. Think of all the trouble pot causes = only because its illegal. What are they afraid by legalizing it people will be to appeased and relaxed to create trouble for their little industry to keep booming because the only trouble it creates is because it is illegal from home to home. What have you heard of a bad occurance from someone smoking pot?

exodus Posted: 2002-02-26 | Subject: Looking for that loved one?
Im looking for my old dear friend Joe Brunner. He was in newyork at the 911 and I worry for his life. I have not recived any Emails from him since september 7th. If anybody can find the list of names online pls send me a email at
svdbygrc Posted: 2002-02-02 | Subject: Victims Life Stories
As sad as it is to hear the stories of their last day on earth, I thought it would would be uplifting to hear about their lives before September 11. I would be honored if any victims' family members would be willing to share some memories of their loved ones. The kind of stories the world may not otherwise hear. My goal is to compile these stories (with permission) into a book to honor those who died so that we (the world) may know the people behind the many names.
If you are a loved one and are willing to share, please e-mail me.
Thank you and God Bless!
J.A. Hawkins

zapp04 Posted: 2001-11-30 | Subject: Searching for Vivian Min
Hi -
I'm Manfred from Austria in Europe and I used to have a very tense email-friendship to Vivian for longer than one year. From her niece I got the information that she were on the 11th in the WTC for a business meeting at Morgan Stanley. She worked for JP Morgan. Please, if you have any information about her just drop me a line!

Thanks in advance and gods blessings for all the victims -

linuxpenguine Posted: 2003-11-16 | Subject: Re: Searching for Vivian Min
Hi Manfred,

I am linuxpenguine from Belgium. Seems she had a lot of tense email friends.

I am sure you are talking about the same Vivian I have known for 2 years.

I called her after the WTC collapse. Due to problems with her flight schedule, she is alive. She never left for the meeting.

You can email me about the subject

Japanese_TV Posted: 2001-11-05 | Subject: Japanese TV wants your opinion!
This message is to ask you to send us your thoughts on the Terrorist Attacks on Sep. 11th for our TV programme.

To Whom It May Concern,

NHK, the Public Television Station of Japan, is creating a multi-media program entitled "INTERNET DEBATE: September 11th". The program will be focusing on the events of September 11th, 2001 and how they have changed the world forever. We are asking people, from all over the world, to contribute their stories, opinions and hopes for the future in regards to the events of September 11th. Please visit our site to leave messages at:

Thank you very much for taking the time to consider our request.


Nina Posted: 2001-10-18 | Subject: German victims
We are looking for german children who lost their mum or dad in the tragedy of Sep 11th.
Nina Grimm
Cologne-Germany<font face='Arial'></font id='Arial'><font size=4></font id=size4><b></b>

Aidan Posted: 2001-10-17 | Subject: Donald Gavagan
I am in Ireland. I believe the Donald Gavagan, currently listed as missing, is an old friend. He was one of the Cantor employees. Can someone give me more details about Don. I want to confirm it is my old friend. If it is, I'd like to send something to his family.

My work email is

I would appreciate any help on this.


Aidan Collins

OpieK58 Posted: 2001-09-20 | Subject: Marriott WTC
My husband's cousin is a Manager of the World Trade Center Marriott. His name is Joseph Keller. He was out safe and sound when someone told him people were still inside. He went back in and was trapped in a closet in the lobby when all contact with him ceased. Trapped with him were 2 injured Firemen. We have heard little to nothing on the news reports about The Marriott. If anyone knows anything about the condition of the building, please respond to this posting. Not knowing is so difficult. He has a wife of 5 years and 2 beautiful kids. A 2 1/2 year old son and a 6 month old daughter. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is affected by this senseless tragedy.

JohnHaller Posted: 2001-09-23 | Subject: Re: Marriott WTC
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=2 face="Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>My husband's cousin is a Manager of the World Trade Center Marriott.... If anyone knows anything about the condition of the building, please respond to this posting.<hr height=1 noshade id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote></font id=quote><font face="Arial, Helvetica" size=2 id=quote>
I have added Marriott's contact information to this website here:

Marriott has a message to the world posted here:

Your best bet would be to contact the Marriott Assistance Center at 866-866-9928.

Best wishes in finding your loved one,

CLIVE Posted: 2001-09-19 | Subject: AMAZING AMERICAN PEOPLE
I have always been so proud to be British, but at this moment in time, I would also be so proud to be an American. I search every little bit of news, looking for something to lift my heart. The fact that you amazing American people are coping with this nightmare the way you are, lifts my heart to a level almost to bursting point. You are truely incredible folk. The civilized world has been scarred for ever. But as with all scars, the pain will become less in time. I wish I could be out there with you doing something useful, but I'll just have to settle with the knowledge that America and the rest of the world will become an even greater place to live. Everyone who has lost their lives, and everyone who is suffering unimaginable loss and pain will go down in history as the people who helped make the world a better, more peaceful place. There has to be a reason for this tragedy. People must not have died in vain. You are all heroes.

hopechest Posted: 2001-09-20 | Subject: Re: AMAZING AMERICAN PEOPLE
Your message was in the words of music and you sang it beautifully thankyou for your kind words \regards Paula

Kitiara17 Posted: 2001-09-18 | Subject: If I pray hard, will Mom come back? - Help us!
Here is an E-mail I have been sending to absolutely everyone. Can someone help?

Dear Sirs,
I am an American living in the UK.
My best friend was on Floor 78 in the WTC2 when this tragic incident happened.
To the day I have no news whatsoever on her. She is not OK, because I would have known about it! She is not listed missing anywhere, and she is not on the list of fatalities.
The Company, she supposedly worked for, the "First Commercial Bank", does not seem to exist. It is, or was never listed in the Phone Books, Yellow Pages, or anywhere else. I was specifically asked not to disclose her name! Why? Why are the floors 75-77 "unoccupied"? Why did so many Military Personnel die in the South tower, that was not allocated to a Company, Government Institution or Military Branch or even a floor in the Building?
What is going on?
Please, someone at least tell me something!
Kind regards and God bless you,
Jeannine, UK

original message:

My best friend was in the South tower when this terrible tragedy took place and she is still unaccounted for. She left behind a 5 year old daughter, a loving husband and family and many friends. We are so worried and every day, hour, minute that passes our hopes of ever seeing her again are sinking. Her husband is searching through the town, hospitals and keeps coming back to the scene in the hope that maybe she was found.
A few nights ago I spoke to her daughter, who is the same age as my little girl. She is my godchild and as sweet as can be. She asked me, whether, if she prayed really hard, her Mommy would come back to her. Trying to hold my tears back I told her, that it sure would help. I feel so helpless. Why does a five year old girl have to ask such a terrible question? Why did this senseless thing have to take place? We are now paying for our ignorance. Did we think ourselves invincible? I am crying and grieving for my friend, that I grew up with, for all the victims and their families. I am praying for all their souls and the souls of those who did this. May God have mercy on them! There is so much hatred now, but this will not change what happened and it will not help how we feel. I cannot find forgiveness in my heart for the people responsible, but I am praying for the strength to do just that. Hate and revenge will only take this further and it will lead to a war that will leave the world in ruins. Please, think, pray and do not loose hope. How many more children have to pray for their parents to come home before this nightmare will end.
God bless you all, be strong, never loose faith and find the love in your heart that the world needs to heal!


JohnHaller Posted: 2001-09-19 | Subject: Re: If I pray hard, will Mom come back? - Help us!
I have found some possible information on this bank. It has been added to the company list here:


Donna Posted: 2001-09-18 | Subject: How can we ever recover?
How can we know that life will ever be safe again. Surely the terrorists are watching CNN and the internet and seeing how they are being condemned by the entire world. It is unfathomable to me that any human being would fly a plane into the WTC. How could anybody of known? Is this armegeddon?

Donna in Texas
jjb Posted: 2001-09-23 | Subject: Re: How can we ever recover?
No, Donna, this is not Armageddon. That is GOD's war, not something done by man. The Bible says that man has dominated man to his injury, and I am sure you will agree when you think of what has happened. God had nothing to do with this, and I can assure you that God's war, Armageddon, will not destroy indiscriminately as the terrorist attack did.

Read your Bible. It can bring you some comfort.
Larry B Posted: 2001-09-15 | Subject:
This is a site that will allow you to instantly place information or request information on a family member, friend, co-worker or loved one.
Good luck and all the best.

nviger Posted: 2001-09-17 | Subject: Re:
I am trying to find out about a classmate of mine. We played field hockey together at Fairfield University. I heard she was among the missing-but I can't get to the missing or victims searches. Thanks for any input (her name: Johanna Sigmund-from the World Trade Center area-she's originally from Pennsylvania. God Bless the U.S.A!

nviger Posted: 2001-09-17 | Subject: Re:
I am trying to find out about a classmate of mine. We played field hockey together at Fairfield University. I heard she was among the missing-but I can't get to the missing or victims searches. Thanks for any input (her name: Johanna Sigmund-from the World Trade Center area-she's originally from Pennsylvania. God Bless the U.S.A!

Nicole Viger

popopeppe Posted: 2001-09-15 | Subject: italy loves you all
this time the show can't go on, but just for a while, and America must show his power and come back to its life.
don't forget that here in italy we are crying all the victims and we send our love for a peaceful future

love and peace

peppe Roma(italy)

sonnenstrahl Posted: 2001-09-13 | Subject: Kill All Terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Germany is with you - GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!

gucci Posted: 2002-11-27 | Subject: Re: Kill All Terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These people had no right to do what they did.
alot of lives were lost and this is so uncalled for.
washington and the twin towers, that wasn't a mistake they wanted to hurt people and they knew what they were doing which hurts me so bad because I love americans and I live in London England I was there july 2 months before this tragic incident and I so badly want to scream, I met this fantastic lady that made me and my partner so at ease as we were in the windows of the world and it was so posh she made us calmer and it was her nature!!!
I don't even know her name and hope to god she is ok.
But the terrorists shall be punished by god for what they did,as god's punishment will make them pay!!!

leticia Posted: 2001-09-16 | Subject: Re: Kill All Terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope they get all the terrorists that come into our country and do this kind of act in our friends and neighbors, hope they kill all.
I am not so much into killing or hate, but they put a whole meaning to life, I hope that we do get them all.
I am so sorry for the tragity and hope we could over come this.
I know we will, we are united we stand, and Very proud to be American.

paula Posted: 2001-09-16 | Subject: Re: Kill All Terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know the first thing you think of is killing these people who did this, but now i am not so sure..I live in the south of Ireland and there has been trouble in the north of ireland for the past 30 years..It was on the new only days before what happened in the US about one side not letting the other side walk down there street, they even had babies in prams hating the childeren that was just trying to go to school........ It is from years of hate and i cant ever see it stopping I think one is as bad as the other neither side will give in... I am mot sure anyone who reads this will understand what i am talking about but i am also not sure that killing more people is the answer to this....From what i see it just goes on and on.....I just hope and pray that the world leaders do the "right thing" My heart goes out to all of you......

paula Brady
dibe Posted: 2001-09-14 | Subject: Re: Kill All Terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm in favour with sirtoby.
Let the authorities pursue the causers of this horrible tragedy.
And when the faceless monster becomes a name it has to be punished
with all the power of the free (and life-affirming) world.
But don't condemn nations (and above all the people of these nations).
Dont kill terrorists, kill the causes of terrorism !

My condolence to all people, who are concerned by this unbeleivable

sirtoby Posted: 2001-09-13 | Subject: Re: Kill All Terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why killing them? this would make us no better like they were and, im afraid, the are.

im angry, i mourn, im out of words...but let us save our humanity.

let them live and see that our world will never be what they wanted her to be. let them sent to prison somewhere in alaska or sibiria, where their heated minds will freeze.

i have the hope - listening to the worldwide support for the u.s. - that the world after the september 11th could be a better one, that all the nations come together against those terrorist and fanatics, and i fear a worldwide conflict or even war between our culture and the muslim world.

god bless our world

imagine all the people...

JohnHaller Posted: 2001-09-13 | Subject: Using the I'm OK LIsts
There are now several "I'm Ok" lists available. If you are ok, I suggest registering with all of them. If you are looking for someone, you should search each list as well as the confirmed dead lists as they are made available. There is also an "I'm Ok" meta-search that has appeared that searches multiple lists.

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