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Wednesday, July 24, 2024  


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Forum: Survivors (World Trade)

The discussion forum has been closed, but the topics have been preserved here.

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JoycePosted: 2003-09-04 | Subject: Website for Marriott WTC Survivors
Please visit this site. This website aims to bring together all the people who survived from 3 World Trade Center (Marriott Hotel)

Peace to all survivors,

Dedicated to the survivors of 3 World Trade Center

Dedicated to the survivors of 3 World Trade Center
Open EyesPosted: 2002-12-14 | Subject: WTC Collapse!.
From day 1, things just didn't add up. I watched in sheer horror as the second plane impacted into the south Tower. I was tuned to ABC news, and they showed a very graphic view of the impact. They also caught something no other camera recorded on that day. The shot showed very clearly that the tower was already in flames before impact!. WHY?. They then went on with the usual Jaw-Jacking about what was taking place, when the floor of the impact site of the second tower exploded, then the next floor down, and this occured for the next five to six floors, then the top floors started to move down onto these affected areas, WHY?. A split second before the impact floor exploded there was a seismic event recorded at the Earth Observatory in the Palisades. This shock registered as a 2.1 earth quake, WHY?. Another shock (2.3)was also recorded just before the North Tower started its collapse, WHY?. There were also reports of explosions, smoke, and flashes around the ground area of the complex, also just before, and during the collapses, WHY. Then during the cleanup, there was discovered in the basement areas, pools of "Molten Steel"!. These were found at the bottom of the elevator shafts!, WHY?. Some of the insurance companies involved in the Sliverstein case conducted an investigation into the actual cause of the collapses. these findings were sealed by court order for at-least the next two years, if not forever!, WHY?. The Federal Government also offered compensation to the survivors of the victims, but in return they have to forfeit their rights to legal recourse against all parties involved, except the terrorist, and this exemption also includes, NYC, NY State, and the Federal Government!, WHY?. Now the feds are conducting their own investigation into the collapse, at the cost of 40+ million dollars, but their findings will not be known for the next two years, now there goes that ominous number two again, WHY?. Could this magic number two have anything to do with the liability "Statute of Limitations", that will expire around that time?. After twelve months hard work, and diligent research we have found all the answers to all the "WHYs" involved. The whole complex was doomed with the first crash into the North Tower, and by what appears to be a structural, safety design flaw!. There was no criminal intent at the time of the collapse, but when the coverup started, well, perhaps history, or a court of law should be the judge of that!. Those involved think the public a bunch of fools, after the TWA-800 coverup, but this time the truth will see the light of day!. I am formating the complete story, and it should be made public in just a few days. But I would like to send it out first to the survivors of the victims of that terrible event, so if any of those mentioned are on this forum, please send me an email, and I'll send you one of the first copies of the report. While I realize that this is a very serious, and dangerous subject, and perhaps there may be some that will wish to bury this report, perhaps along with my-self. I have taken several precautions to safe-guard that event.
Sincerely, Open-Eyes.

In war, truth is the first victim!.
Ness from New ZealandPosted: 2001-09-16 | Subject: In A New York minute
Today I grieve for the world.
It was the day we used gods name in vain.
It was the day the world changed.
Our children's future has been written.
Evil,a concept created only in human nature.
Devistation and disbelief.
How terrorists could advance whatever cause they wanted to achieve,by murdering innocent men, woman and children?,is gastly and and left me haunted.
I am in awe that some mothers child, could create such a catastrophy in a lifetime.
A lifetime where a child should be living a life of Freedom, Peace, Intimacy and love.....Qualities,those who have perished have lost.
What lies ahead for the children of our future,our children created out of love?
How life stood still in a New York minute.
My Love and support to those who are affected.
If you want to talk Please e-mail me at

sandraPosted: 2001-09-16 | Subject: Light a candle
I am a swedish girl and this tragedy has made us and the whole world speachless, and I want to tell you how much we think of all the people who lost their lives in this attack in the US.
I can´t describe my feelings about this, but all you have to know is that we cry with you and will never forget this horrible tragedy. I light a candle for all the missing people, and all the relatives of the people who didn´t survive.

jess0516Posted: 2001-09-16 | Subject: any info on charles qualls?
My uncle lives in new york...i don`t know how to get ahold of him anyone one with my e-mail.

JohnHallerPosted: 2001-09-16 | Subject: Re: any info on charles qualls?
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=2 face="Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>
My uncle lives in new york...i don`t know how to get ahold of him anyone one with my e-mail.
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Have you tried contacting the company he worked for or any relatives or friends that might be living in New York? That would probably be your best bet.


HopePosted: 2001-09-16 | Subject: Feeling your pain and supporting you
<font color=green></font id=green>
I know so much has been said and seen on this that I won't be able to say anything new but wanted to give my support on everything and everyone.

I love new York and when on September 11 I saw the Twins collapse I freezed... just couldn't believe it and it seemed to be a Hollywood movie but unfortunately it was not.

Just want to let everyone know that I hope my message could comfort someone. I'll never be able to feel what most of you do but New York has never been so caring and helpful. The whole world is with you, showing support but please don't turn the US into a xenophobic country.

I love you all.


darknessPosted: 2001-09-14 | Subject: The whole world is with you
I am a Spanish girl and I can not really understand what has happened. In our country we witnessed the tragedy in TV news at the same moment it was taking place. I love peace and love and for this reason I would never aprove such a crime against human kind. Never. I would like you (Americans) to know that the whole world is with you. Everybody is deeply concerned about the tragedy that has shacken your world. I feel a great pain for all those people who have died. And I really wish that more citizens could be found alive.
Apart from the large number of victims, we all know that the country itself has been damaged in its nationalist feeling. Such an attack would never be imagined even in the worst of your nightmares. There is lot of information deeply hidden, but when the responsibles will be found, they will surely receive a fair punishment.
It is an ambiguous subject, however. Violence would never be used as a response for violence itself. We would try to find other ways for solving the problem and punishing the authors. Otherwise, we will bow before them.

Terrorism is a very important problem, if not the most, in our country. Hundreds of people, politicians, journalists, citizens have died due to it. You can not travel around Spain without having fear, fear of visiting a place which a terrorist could have chosen as his target. But we do it. Otherwise they would win the battle. The government is fighting against them the best they can do. But never with violence, please.

I have also seen in TV bulletins that many Moslems has been injured as a result of the terrorist attack against America. Please, be careful. A whole race is not responsible for the actions of several of them. Your nation holds a variety of races, please be aware that attacks against them will not solve the problem. Fight for a whole union of the Americans (all races) against terrorism.

Thank you very much for reading my message.
The world is with you.

Raquel Sánchez Fernández. Barcelona. Spain.

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