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Wednesday, February 21, 2024  


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Forum: Helping Out and Volunteering (World Trade)

The discussion forum has been closed, but the topics have been preserved here.

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YouthtronixPosted: 2002-09-04 | Subject: SOME INFO ON THE WTC???
I was wondering if anyone knows the address the WTC was at? Thanks alot...

michaelKPosted: 2001-09-14 | Subject: German people feel with you
"We all shock and we are so sorry for the things who happen in USA and we are in deep sorrow, our all love and sympathy to the people in USA"

from a german condolence-book.

AmyPosted: 2001-09-16 | Subject: Re: German people feel with you
Although we are separated by a vast ocean, I want you all to know that these atrocities have made me realise just how close we really are. It has been a horrific week for all of us and I think I speak for the whole of the United Kingdom when I say that the citizens of the US are never far from our thoughts and we prey for you. I wish there was more that I could do to help. God bless.

TNLNYCPosted: 2001-09-13 | Subject: Mailing list for volunteering

This list is set up for anyone who wants to share volunteering info or is interested in volunteering in New York.

JohnHallerPosted: 2001-09-12 | Subject: Links to Helping Out
Many links are now posted on this website for donating blood, money and more. Just head to:

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