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Thursday, April 18, 2024  


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Here is a list of companies and contact information. If you know of any contact information or companies that we have missed, please contact me

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Company Business Services Building Floor
A I G Aviation Brokerage, Inc. Insurance 1 WTC (North) 53
Princeton, NJ Office: 609-520-9800
Status: All employees are safe and accounted for.
A-T Financial Information Computers/Data Processing 1 Liberty Plaza 36
This company appears to now be a part of Thompson Financial.
Status: Unknown
Abracadabra Digital Color Copy Business Services 2 WTC (South) 18
Phone: 800-694-0312
Address: 1038 Stelton Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Status: All employees are confirmed safe.
Adecco SA Business Services 2 WTC (South) 21
Phone: 212-509-3300
Status: Adecco operated 2 service kiosks for job-seekers on the Concourse Level of the WTC. I don't believe anyone from this firm worked there on a regular schedule.
Advest Group, The Financial Services 40 Rector St -
Contact: Call or email another Advest office via the website as all other Advest office locations were unaffected.
Status: All employees were evactuated safely and have been accounted for.
Affiliated Physicians of St. Vincent Medical 5 WTC 3
Status: Unknown
Agricor Commodities Corp. Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 80
Status: Unable to contact or locate any information on this company.
Airport Access Program Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 63
Status: Unknown
Alan Anthony Business Services 1 WTC (North) 86
Phone: 212-825-1582
Status: Unknown
Alliance Consulting Business Services 2 WTC (South) 102
HR Director: 800-206-1078 ext. 1001
Status: 17 salespeople and 67 consultants have been confirmed safe as of Sept 14th at 11:15am. Check the website for a list of people.
Alliance Continuing Care Network Health Care 1 WTC (North) 77
Old Phone: 212-775-0727
Possible Contact: John David Smith at 908-276-9698
Status: This contact information is unconfirmed and unverified.
Allianz Insurance 1 Liberty Plaza 20
(Possible website)
Status: Unknown.
Allstate Insurance Company Insurance 2 WTC (South) 24
Status: All 5 employees have been confirmed safe.
America McKinley Ventures Management - 2 WTC (South) 18
Old Phone (Alas Yu): 212-466-0598
Status: This company's information has not been validated.
American Airlines Transportation 5 WTC CNCR,PLAZ
Status: Unconfirmed report that all employees at 5 WTC are safe and accounted for.
American Bright Signs Computer Services 1 WTC (North) 33
This company is now working out of the French Embassy in NYC.
Status: All employees escaped safely.
American Bureau of Shipping Engineers 1 WTC (North) 91
Status: All 16 employees in the building at the time of the attack escaped with only minor injuries.
American Express Company Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North)
3 World Financial
Business Resumption: 888-505-0040
Employees: 888-505-0040
Employee Assistance: 800-356-9013 or 888-243-7351
Status: The firm was still attempting to account for employees. An extensive evacuation of 7 WTC and 3 World Financial took place before the collapse. Nothing is know about the small group assigned to 1 WTC. All as of Sept 12th.
American Lota International Transportation 1 WTC (North) 45
Status: All employees evacuated safely.
American Shipper Magazine Manufacturing 5 WTC 9
Status: Unknown
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company Financial Services 59 Maiden Ln Plaza Level
Status: Received an unconfirmed report that employees are fine. Please contact the company to confirm this.
American TCC Int'l Group, Inc. Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 47,90
Status: Unknown
Amerson Group Co., Inc. Personal Services 1 WTC (North) 8
Status: Unknown
Ann Taylor Loft - 1 WTC (North) CNCR
Status: Unknown
Anne Pope, Law Offices of Law Firms 1 WTC (North) 35
Status: All employees evacuated.
Antal International, Inc. Business Services 2 WTC (South) 22
London Office: +44 20 7637 2001
Status: This firm moved out of the World Trade Center in March of this year. They do have a note on their website saying that they were able to get in touch with their friends and former colleagues in New York and all survived.
AON Corporation Insurance 2 WTC (South) 92,99,100
New York Employees and Families: 866.256.4154
Counseling: 888-437-3815
Status: The company has determined that approximately 1350 employees were at risk. Approximately 1100 based in the WTC and approximately 250 traveling to New York or stationed in one of AON's other lower Manhattan offices. They have not heard from approximately 200 employees as of 2:30pm on Sept 14. Complete information on the company's website.
Asahi Bank, Ltd. Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 60
Phone: 212-750-7960
Status: All employees safe.
Association of International Recruiters Financial Recruiting 1 WTC (North) 76
Phone: Ms. Maria Washabaugh, Swiss Consulate, 212-599-5700 x1047
Status: One missing person as of 11am on Sept 15th. This information has not been confirmed.
ASTDC, Inc. Personal Services 1 WTC (North) 46
Status: All employees evacuated.
AT&T Corporation Communications 1 WTC (North) 51
Status: All employees have been confirmed safe.
Auto Imperial Co. Retailers/Wholesalers 1 WTC (North) 46
Status: Unable to contact or find any information on this company.
Avenir, Inc. Computers/Data Processing 1 WTC (North) 78
Status: All employees are safe.
Avesta Computer Services, Ltd. Computers/Data Processing 1 WTC (North) 21
New Jersey Office: 201-369-9400
Status: All employees are safe and well.
Avis - 1 WTC (North) LBBY
Status: Unknown

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