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Friday, June 21, 2024  


Companies A to Z

Emergency / Hospital

Emergency Serv.

Fire / Police

Fire Dept
Police Dept


American Airlines
United Airlines


Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Employees

'B' Companies

Here is a list of companies and contact information. If you know of any contact information or companies that we have missed, please contact me

Please read the Disclaimer / Information Sources page.

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Company Business Services Building Floor
Baltic Oil Corporation - 1 WTC (North) 78
Status: Unable to contact or find any information on this company.
Banco LatinoAmericano de Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 32
Phone: 212-644-6644 (Banco de Credito de Petru) or 212-840-5400, Attention: Pedro Toll, Thomas Keresztez or Ana Escobar.
Status: All employees appear to be confirmed as safe. More details on the website.
Bank of America Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 9-11,81
Phone: 800-556-6044
Status: More than 400 employees have reported in safely. 3 remain unaccounted for as of Sept 15th.
Bank of Indonesia Financial Institutions 1 Liberty Plaza 31
(Possible website)
Status: Unknown.
Bank of Nova Scotia, The Financial Institutions 1 Liberty Plaza 22-26
(Possible website)
Status: Unknown.
Bank of Taiwan Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 53
Status: All employees are safe.
Bankers Trust Company See Deutsche Bank
Barclay Rex Retailers/Wholesalers 3 World Financial GRND
Phone: 212-962-3355
Status: Unknown
Barcley Dwyer - 1 WTC (North) 89
Status: Unknown
Baseline Software 2 WTC (South) 77-78
Phone: 212-855-9200
Status: Four employees are missing.
BATF (Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms) Government 6 WTC 2,6
Status: Unknown
Beast, The ( Computers/Data Processing 1 WTC (North) 80
Phone: 212-602-4200
Status: All of the company's 62 staff members assigned to the WTC are safe.
Ben & Jerry's Food Services 2 WTC (South) Concourse
Status: All staff escaped. There are some first-hand accounts of missing friends (firefighters and Port Authority employees) of the Scoop Shop on the website. - 2 WTC (South) 84
Website offline on Sept 19th.
Status: Unknown
Berel & Mullen Law Firms 1 WTC (North) 33
Status: All employees evacuated safely. (Source: WSJ)
Big A Travel Agency Transportation 2 WTC (South) 28
Status: Unknown
Bloomberg, LP Media unknown unknown
Status: 3 employees attending a media conference in the WTC are missing.
Blue Cross Blue Shield See Empire Health Choice
Blue Sky Technologies, Inc. Computers/Data Processing 1 WTC (North) 46
Email: peng_xiao_mei@HOTMAIL.COM
Status: Contact information is unconfirmed.
BondGlobe, Inc. Financial 1 WTC (North) 79
Phone: 866-266-3456
Status: All employees and officers are safe.
Borders Books & Music Retailers/Wholesalers 5 WTC PLAZ
Store Webpage:
Status: Unknown.
Bramax Manufacturing (USA) Corp. Retailers/Wholesalers 1 WTC (North) 52
Status: Unknown
Bridge Information Systems, Inc. Financial Institutions 3 World Financial 27,28
Crisis Page:
This company has merged with Reuters.
Status: All employees survived. 3 sustained minor injuries.
Bright China Capital, Ltd. Financial Institutions 1 WTC (North) 84
Status: Unable to contact or locate any information on this company.
Broad USA, Inc. Retailers/Wholesalers 1 WTC (North) 89
Status: Unknown
Broadview Networks Telecommunications 1 WTC (North) 53
Status: All employees accounted for.
Bronx Builders General Contractors 1 WTC (North) 107
Phone (Richard Weisfeld): 718-583-0200 x104
Email (Richard Weisfeld):
Status: This company is missing 3 workers who were attending a meeting at Windows on the World. The missing workers are Manuel DaMota, Joshua Poptean and Obdulio Ruiz-Diaz.
Brookfield Financial Properties Real Estate 1 Liberty Plaza BSMT,6
Status: Unknown
Brooks Brothers Retailers/Wholesalers 1 Liberty Plaza GRND
Status: Unknown.
Brown & Wood, L.L.P. See Sidley Brown Austin & Wood

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