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Wednesday, July 24, 2024  

WTC Info


Tenant Lists

1 WTC (North)
2 WTC (South)
3 WTC (Hotel)
1 World Financial
2 World Financial
3 World Financial
4 World Financial
1 Liberty Plaza

5 WTC Tenants by Floor

Here is a list of tenants of 5 WTC by Floor. If you are looking for contact information, status updates and website information, please view our Companies A to Z list.

Company Business Services Floor(s) Sq Feet
US Airways Transportation   400
Express Mail Government   N/A
The Charles Schwab Corporation Financial Institutions CNCR N/A
Sam Goody Retailers/Wholesalers CNCR 4000
Perfumeria Milano Retailers/Wholesalers CNCR 1200
American Airlines Transportation CNCR,PLAZ N/A
Daniel Pehr, Inc. Personal Services LBBY 1000
Children's Discovery Center Personal Services PLAZ N/A
Borders Books & Music Retailers/Wholesalers PLAZ N/A
JP Morgan Chase & Co. Financial Institutions 1 N/A
FedEx Corporation Transportation 1 N/A
DHL Courier Services   1 N/A
Affiliated Physicians of St. Vincent Medical 3 6250
World Trade Center Dental Group Medical 3 4500
Morgan Stanley Financial Institutions 4,5,6 325200
Credit Suisse First Boston Financial Institutions 7,8,9 179244
NYS Court of Claims Government 8 24909
Hon. Christopher J. Mega   8 N/A
Continental Forwarding Transportation 8 N/A
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Personal Services 9 4467
Howard Publications, Inc. Manufacturing 9 1180
Council of State Governments Government 9 N/A
American Shipper Magazine Manufacturing 9 N/A
Our Planet Mgmt. Institute, Ltd. Personal Services 9 5500
Hunan Resources & Tech. Institute   9 N/A

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